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Benefits of BIE Membership

BIE is being recognised by ERB, in terms of the Engineers Registration Act, as the only ‘Professional Body’ in the country that can provide the services required by engineers to fulfill the requirements of a professional engineering practice. Accordingly, BIE has been given approval to run activities which will be acknowledged for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. All other bodies, such as private companies or academic institutions, would need to have the contents of every event they provide for CPD approved by BIE for the discipline or category of registration concerned and for the assignment of the appropriate CPD credits. The BIE Education and Training Committee is currently formulating structures to ensure that our members receive the optimum service.

Therefore, as a “Professional Institution”,

BIE is setting itself up to provide the following benefits to its members:

  • The Botswana Engineering magazine  – a regular magazine to keep members up-to-date with engineering developments, up-coming projects (locally and regionally), as well as job prospects.

  • CPD Programmes Bulletin board – an online information of all up-coming programmes recommended for CPD credits.

  • CPD Recording System – a system that will help members to keep track of their CPD activities.

  • BIE Online Library – members will have access to large volumes of books, journals and engineering magazines through links that BIE has with other professional institutions.

  • Acknowledgement System – since keeping track of engineers’ activities is a requirement of professional practice, it will be easy to regularly identify members who deserve to be acknowledged for their contribution to the engineering fraternity and the public.

  • Discussion Groups and Meetings – BIE has already started organizing discussion groups to provide platform for engineers to share information and knowledge. These will soon count as CPD credits.

  • Awards and Prizes – BIE already gives an award to the best graduating engineering student at the University of Botswana. BIE intends to extend this to other institutions offering recognized engineering programmes (Diploma, Bachelor’s and Post Graduate Degrees)..

  • BIE Journal – BIE will continue to publish its journal, the Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The journal is free to all members of the institution, regardless of membership category.

  • Committees and Board memberships – as the only engineering professional institution, BIE will be the appointing authority to all committees and Boards which require the services of engineers.

  • Mentorship Programme – BIE members will stand a good chance of mentoring young engineers and getting recognised for it. Graduate members will benefit from mentorship provided by professionally qualified members.

  • Conferences and Seminars – BIE members often enjoy discounted rates at conferences and BIE seminars.

  • BIE Discount Card – BIE is working on modalities of establishing a card that will entitle its members to discounts for products and services with certain providers. Negotiations with several service providers are yet to commence.

Dreamville College

Dreamville College is a training unit of Institute of Economic Research (IERA). You are invited to participate in BQA accredited short training programs.

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About BIE

Botswana Institution of Engineers (BIE) is a professional institution consisting of engineers from all engineering disciplines. It was formed in 1983 by a group of engineers concerned about the development, practice and status of engineering in the country, particularly with regard to the importance of its contribution in national development. It was previously known as the Botswana Engineers Society but was changed in 1995 to Botswana Institution of Engineers, following a major review of its constitution.


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