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Conference Call for the Establishment of Roads and Housing Maintenance Fund

Engineer Mike Pinard and former BIE President

Botswana’s road network is facing serious dilapidation and this calls for urgent intervention by government as they have now reached a cumbersome stage to most drivers. The tropical cyclone called Dineo which hit the country in 2017 also exacerbated the situation as it damaged most roads living drivers with alternatives to use very far away routes.

Speaking during BIE conference Engineer Mike Pinard and former BIE President said currently, most Botswana roads were in a very sorry state causing serious damage to vehicles as well a responsible for so many road accidents. According to Pinnard, Botswana government could arrest the problem if tenders awarded for road construction can also include road maintenance. He said the present situation of roads in Botswana is a serious time bomb waiting to explode. “Failure to maintain roads which are deteriorating will impact on everyone’s livelihood as well as provision of services across the country,” said Pinnard. He pointed out that Building new roads is not a solution if the existing ones are not maintained,’’ he said.

Pinnard recommended the need to establish an autonomous Roads Authority and Road Fund Administration which will be responsible for regulating road development in Botswana as well as the inaction of a policy to inform and support the development of robust road infrastructure which has factored in maintenance.

University of Botswana Lecturer Johnson Kampamba from the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Giving his Presentation University of Botswana Lecturer Johnson Kampamba from the department of Civil Engineering also reiterated the importance of setting up a works maintenance fund for maintaining government residential facilities which have dilapidated and now rats and cats have turned into their haven. He noted that maintenance of the facilities remains a huge challenge due to inadequate maintenance funding. According to Kampamba, in a case study carried out by his department involving 562 occupants of the government residential estate in Kgale View and Gaborone West Block 7 and 10 the findings revealed that the maintenance problem was as a result of lack of adequate funding, and lack of a maintenance policy and lack of a planned maintenance execution plan.

Current Road Financing

“The study therefore recommends adequate funding towards maintenance works, the use of planned maintenance and a maintenance policy which will help in providing direction and basis for
maintenance of government residential facilities,” he said.

November 8, 2018

About BIE

Botswana Institution of Engineers (BIE) is a professional institution consisting of engineers from all engineering disciplines. It was formed in 1983 by a group of engineers concerned about the development, practice and status of engineering in the country, particularly with regard to the importance of its contribution in national development. It was previously known as the Botswana Engineers Society but was changed in 1995 to Botswana Institution of Engineers, following a major review of its constitution.


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