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Professional Registration

Professional registration provides a benchmark through which the public, employers and their clients can have confidence and trust that registered engineers and technicians have met globally recognized professional standards.

Professional registration provides a benchmark through which the public, employers and their clients can have confidence and trust that registered engineers and technicians have met globally recognized professional standards.

The benefits of registration as a

  “Professional Engineer, Professional Engineering Technologist, or Professional Engineering Technician”,


Benefits of professional registration

  • Improved career prospects and opportunities  – Professionally registered status shows employers that you have and are committed to maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills and competence required to meet the engineering and technological needs of today. The prestige of your title will improve your CV and may lead to wider employment options, career progression and promotion.

  • Higher earning potential – As a professionally registered engineer or technician you are likely to enjoy higher earnings across your working life. This is because employing registered professionals brings benefits to your employer, such as increased customer confidence. This could help them to win more contracts, in turn improving their turn over.

  • Demonstration of a professional attitude valued by employers and customers –Professional registration demonstrates your commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing your competence. Your title proves that you have a positive attitude and the drive to succeed within the engineering profession. These are attributes that are highly valued by employers and customers. It shows that you will work safely in a way that contributes to sustainable development and that you have committed to complying with codes of conduct.

  • Enhanced status leading to higher self-esteem – Becoming professionally registered enhances your status. Professional registration is achieved through peer recognition of competence and commitment to society, the profession and the environment. This brings a great sense of achievement, credibility with colleagues and students, respect from the wider industry and, for many individuals, boosts self-esteem and confidence.

  • International recognition of competence and commitment – The Washington Accord, against which individuals are assessed for professional registration, is well respected across the world. The Engineers Registration Board also works with many international engineering organisations to promote recognition of the standard and titles overseas. This helps to facilitate the international mobility of professionally registered engineers and technicians.

  • Evidence of expertise  – Professional registration shows employers, peers and the public that you have spent a number of years developing your skills, knowledge and understanding within your field and have clearly demonstrated your competence and commitment.

  • Greater influence within own organisation and industry – The Pr.Eng., Pr.Tech, and Pr.Techno titles are well respected internationally and demonstrate your level of skills, knowledge and understanding within the profession. As a registered professional you are also entitled to belong to a network of experts in your field through membership of a professional engineering institutionsuch as BIE. This will offer opportunities for involvement in influential activities, such as being a mentor to up-coming professionals, committee or Board membership, etc.

The value of professional registration to employers

As an employer of engineers of

 “engineers and technicians,”,

are you aware of the value a professionally registered workforce can bring?

Recruitment and retention of the very best staff is crucial for ensuring your organisation’s reputation, business success and turn-over. Appointing professionally registered engineers and technicians helps you to overcome the complications and uncertainty often associated with recruitment of technically skilled and experienced staff.

The men and women listed on the national register of engineers and technicians as:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Professional Engineering Technologist
  • Professional Engineering Technician

will have had their education, training, skills and experience independently assessed. This provides you with a benchmark of assurance that they have the competence and commitment that may be fundamental to your company’s success.

With a professionally registered workforce you can also be confident that your employees are committed to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and a code of conduct set out by a professional engineering institution. In addition, they will have the means to keep their skills up to date and relevant.

On top of this, supporting the professional registration of your employees will show that you are committed to their career development. This in turn will increase their job satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

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