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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be recognised as a world-class institution representing the engineering profession and providing valued services to our members and stakeholders.

  • The BIE, in partnership with all of its stakeholders, is rededicating itself to meeting the challenges of the rapidly changing environment within which it operates.

  • To this end, the Institution’s Vision articulates its commitment to its purpose of creating an organisation that is responsive and relevant to the needs and aspirations of its members and is recognized for doing so.

Our Mission

To promote and advance the science and practice of engineering and the status of the engineering profession in Botswana.

Our Mission provides a statement of intent in terms of the strategy that we will adopt to accomplish our Vision. In so doing, we will seek to:

  • facilitate the professional development of engineers, set standards for their registration and help them to improve their skills,knowledge and competence;

  • engender open debate and speak with a powerful, unified voice on matters of engineering importance in the country;

  • enhance the reputation of the engineering profession by setting, maintaining and promoting exemplary standards of technical excellence and professional conduct.

Our Core Values

Our core Values describe our “culture” in terms of what we pay special attention to and what rules we operate by

These Values guide our members as they pursue the Institution’s purpose and include:

  • Professional Integrity

    upholding the honour, integrity and dignity of the engineering profession by applying our knowledge and skills in an impartial manner and with independence of judgement;

  • Social Responsibility

    accepting our social responsibility and being sensitive to the needs of the community and general public that we serve at large;

  • Technical Competence

    pursuing life-long learning & continuous personal professional development and seeking to achieve the highest standards of qualification, training and skills development.

  • Ethical Conduct

    ensuring high standards of professional conduct and ethical behavior and practice amongst our members


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About BIE

Botswana Institution of Engineers (BIE) is a professional institution consisting of engineers from all engineering disciplines. It was formed in 1983 by a group of engineers concerned about the development, practice and status of engineering in the country, particularly with regard to the importance of its contribution in national development. It was previously known as the Botswana Engineers Society but was changed in 1995 to Botswana Institution of Engineers, following a major review of its constitution.


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